S. Cody Barrus

Web Developer

About me

I'm a full stack web developer with a background in internet marketing. I'm passionate about creating things, problem solving, and telling stories. I enjoy front-end and back-end web development - working with Angular.js and Ruby on Rails.

In addition, I have experience with a variety of frameworks, libraries, and tools including: Node.js, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, jQuery, Bootstrap, Materialize.css, and Material.

Developer Portfolio

{ DevBox }.tools

{ Angular, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL && Materialize.css }

Quickly discover quality, vetted web development tools, libraries, frameworks and more

{ DevBox }.tools is my most passionate side project which I continually work on when I have time. It is a site developed for developers to share and discover the best web development tools, libraries, frameworks and more, effectively removing the need for cluttered bookmarks folders while making the task of discovering and vetting obscure libraries much simpler.

Developed by a team of two, it was built with Ruby on Rails, Angular, Material, Materialize, and PostgreSQL, which is a setup I simply love. It features tool reviews formatted with Markdown, upvotes, great search capabilities, and a personal tool box for users to save and easily find their favorite tools as well as links to their documentation, repositories, and official websites. And that's just the beginning!

Memory Lane

{ Ruby, ActiveRecord, JavaScript && Bootstrap }

Easily transform your memories into beautiful animated and customizable single page experiences.

MemoryLn.me was a group project developed by myself, Jake Rohr and Aida Mengistu. I worked as project manager while working primarily on the backend, setting up databases and working with Ruby on Rails. My contribution also included many of the features, including the ability to add blocks and choose themes in edit mode.

As product manager, I set up a agile work flow. Due to the week long production, we kicked agile into overdrive, meeting twice a day to discuss tactics, evaluate which features to add next.


{ JavaScript, Node.js && Bootstrap }

Find great places to eat in seconds, no thought required

LunchBreak.Ninja was my first major web development project which I developed from the ground up in a single week. It was created to help find a great place to eat within walking distance of your office, no matter where you are. Built on Node.js and utilizing the Yelp and Google Maps APIs as well.

As my first major web development project, I spent nearly as much time learning the intricacies of Node as I did developing the functions that pick your restaurant for you. Not only was this project a great learning experience, I'm also very pleased with the end result, having used the app several times myself.

Author Portfolio

Discovering Aberration

Violent archaeologists, notorious gangsters, and an island that drives people insane.

"Lovecraftian in the best possible way... the juxtaposition of a steampunk alt-Victorian society and a savage, almost alien island that literally distorts its visitors' sanity and quickly runs red with blood is striking."
-Vance Kotrla, Nerds of a Feather

"So very few steampunk/Victorian stories out there will capture your attention the way this one will."
-Ryan, Reader Review

"Discovering Aberration will steal your mind from reality and take you to a place of unpredictable adventure with twists and turns that will leave you craving more."
-EJR, Reader Review

The Gin Thief

A foreign girl attempting to enter an unforgiving city finds herself thrust into a violent struggle for survival.

"Once again, Mr. Barrus has delivered a striking piece of literary genius. "
-Vance Kotrla, Nerds of a Feather

"This first episode of the Gin Thief series is a fascinating story..."
-SdP, Reader Review

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